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Couples Therapeutic Coaching Massage

Learn how to give your love the gift of relaxation!


These sessions are intended for couples who are looking for something unique and wonderful for each other.  Massaging each other provides the opportunity to increase intimacy in your relationship through loving touch and nurturing.  My goal is to create a closer connection between you and your significant other.  


Both you and your partner will attend this hands-on session.  While one person is on the table receiving massage the other is receiving instruction and giving massage.  Demonstrating your interest in generously giving of yourself to provide your loved one the pleasure of intimacy without asking anything in return shows you posess an awareness in growing your relationship, keeping it fresh and exciting. Your partner may be grateful for your devoted attention and you will leave with new, lasting skills to provide the kind of touch your beloved longs for.



In these sessions you will learn massage from a therapeutic point of view.   Here are some things you will learn:


- Where to start the massage.  Learn a "routine"

- The basics of massage techniques

- Which areas of the body to be careful with pressure

- How to show interest in your partners well-being throughout the massage by asking questions and responding appropriately to body language.  


Session guide - 


60 Minutes - $120

One person receives instruction, while the other is on the table.


90 Minutes $180

One person receives more extensive instruction, while the other is on the table 


120 Minutes - $240 

Allows for both to experience recieving instruction and receiving massage


180 Minutes - $360

Allows for both to receive extensive intruction and massage


Home visits also available.  Call 860-378-5733 for travel prices.






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